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Dear sdshobby Customers,

We are very delighted to inform you that group buying sdshobby.com is back and finally is online from now on after a long time system upgrading.

Welcome to visit our website http://www.sdshobby.com,which will provide you thousands of R/C Hobby and Accessories at incredible prices. A quick look around our site will bring you a big surprise, so please keep your eyes on us.

Thanks for your long supporting and patience and apologize for any inconvenience caused before.

Best Regards,
Dear Customers,
We will continue working on improving our service in the future.
Thanks very much for supporting. Thanks!

6Star 3D Wooden Propeller/ Beech Propeller 23A 23B 23*8 23*10 23x8 23x10 for RC Gasoline/ Petrol Airplane 22%



²  Aperture:  10mm

²  Height of prop bottom:  26mm

²  Recommended engine type:  55CC


²  Made of beech propeller imported from France

²  CNC precisely processing, with good dynamic balance and stable high speed

²  The 3D propeller is designed for the 3D aerobatics flight.


There will be 0.1-0.2mm tolerance for the different measurement tool.

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$23.31 22% $5.13
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The deal is ON!

Electric Metal Gear Pump for Smoke System 32%

Package Contents:

²  1pcs* Pump

²  1pcs* Screwdriver for detaching pump

²  2pcs* Fuel Nozzle

²  1pcs* Plug Screw

²  1pcs* O-Ring

²  1 group* Metal Gears


The gear pump we are selling is the best seller of our company. Instead of using expensive imported smoke pump, DIY the fuel pump reflects high cost performance. 

However the RC fans leave much to be desired when using it since this fuel pump was used as water pump. At present, there are two problems revealed: 1. the original plastic gear is delicate; 
2. long time usage easily cause oil leak.

 Last year, we have developed a set of metal gear according to the feedbacks of our customers, with which we solve the problem of delicate. This time, we present a full set of DIY accessories to solve the problem of oil leak once for all.

Recommended Equipments:  

²  20A ESC (Item No.: ESCY-20A )

²  Electric Capacity

Kindly Remark:

1. Pump should not be idled continuously for a long time; otherwise the gear and sealing parts will wear out.

2. The fuel pipe must be connected to fuel tank firstly, and then power on the pump to work.



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$5.23 32% $1.68
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The deal is ON!

Special Electric Starter with JOHNSON 550A Brushed Motor for EME55/ EME55-II /EME60 Gas Engine 15%


²  Total Net Weight:  540g

²  Equipped Brushed Motor:

n  Working Voltage:  3-15V (12V for the best )

n  Motor Length:  57mm

n  Motor Diameter:  37.5mm

n  Shaft Length:  9mm

n  Shaft Diameter:  3.17mm

n  Net Weight:  205g

²  Available Color:  red and blue (sent randomly)

²  Recommended ESC:  60A (need to buy separately)

²  Two Long Installation Screws for mounting EME55, EME55-II, EME60 engines

²  Two Short Installation Screws for mounting DL55, DLE55, EME55-II, DA50, DA60 engines

Kindly Remark:

When mounting and testing the starter, teeth of gear must be clenched properly and solid oil lubrication should be coated on the surface, otherwise the gear will be abraded soon.


²  Only need a bit refitting by users, the starter also can be used for DLA56, DA50, DA60 gas engine, those users who are well in refitting can have a try.

²  The starter is equipped with single bearing, so power only transfers from the motor to engine. But after the engine started, the power would not pass to motor, so as to protect the motor.

²  Equipped with high speed 550A carbon brush motor and cooling fan.

Recommended Electric Switch (Item No.: EME-S-12):

²  Coming with protection equipment, when the voltage and current exceed the specified value, the electric starter will automatically open and close

²  Acting as a brushed ESC and using radio controller to control the electric starter, so users no need to purchase another ESC

List price Discount You save
$110.59 15% $16.59
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The deal is ON!

Hobbywing Flyfun Brushless ESC 30A for RC Airplane 16%




²  Cont. Current: 30A


²  Burst Current (>10s): 40A


²  BEC Model: Linear


²  BEC Output: 5V/2A


²  Cells of Li-Po: 2S-4S


²  Cells of Ni-Cd/Ni-MH: 5S-12S


²  User Programmable: yes


²  Weight: 25.8g


²  L*W*H (Size): 55*25*9mm


²  Application Fields: model airplanes and helicopters





²  Safety arming feature: Regardless of the throttle stick position, the motor will not spin after battery connected.


²  Throttle calibration function: Throttle range can be calibrated to be compatible with different transmitters.


²  User can use the program card to program the ESC.


²  Multiple program methods supported: transmitter stick, LED Program Card. Very easy to program the ESC at home or at the flying field.


²  Compatible with Lipo battery and NiCd/Ni-MH battery.


²  Internal timing can be changed to be suitable for different brushless motors.


²  Full protection: Low voltage cutoff protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection.


²  Microprocessor uses separate voltage regulator IC, with good anti-jamming capability.



Equipped LED Program Card (Need to Buy Separately):


The program card is NOT included, any interest please glance over the following information on the LED Program Card, search our item NO. ESCH0801, in our web then you can get it.


Application Fields (only for hobby wing’s ESC):


²  Fly Fun (also called "Fentium")


²  Sky Walker




²  Size: 92mm (L) * 52mm (W) * 6mm (H).


²  Weight: 26g.


²  Input Voltage: 4.8-6V


Kindly Remark:


²  This program card is NOT suitable for Platinum series airplane ESC.



Programmable Item:


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$16.58 16% $2.65
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The deal is ON!

Rear Exhaust Pipe for DLE30/GT26R/GF26I 26-30CC Engine 15%

List price Discount You save
$25.42 15% $3.81
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The deal is ON!

Rcexl 1/4-32 ME8 Spark Plug for JBA 15G Engine 24%


²  Standard spark plug for JBA 15G engine

²  Also can be used for gasoline engine converted by nitro engine


List price Discount You save
$9.08 24% $2.18
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The deal is ON!

OS 8# No.8 Standard Glow Plug for OS Engine 28%

How to choose the No.8 glow plug for engines for RC Models?

1. for R/C Aircraft:

Suitable for most O.S. Engines

2. for R/C Helicopter

Suitable for most O.S. Engines

3. for R/C Cars

General use, 1/8 Off-road racing

Engine types: 12/15CV, 15LD, 21RG and 21RZ-V 01b

When to replace the glow plug?

Apart from when actually burned out, a plug may need to be replaced because it no longer delivers its best performance, such as when:

Filament coil has became distorted.

Filament surface has roughened while.

Foreign matter had adhered to filament or plug body has corroded.

Engine tends to cut out when idling.

Starting qualities deteriorate.

Glow plug Life:

Particularly in the case of very high performance engines, glow plugs have to be regarded as consumable items. However, plug life can be lengthened and performance maintained as follows:

Fit a plug suitable for the engine.

Use fuel containing a moderate percentage of nitro unless essential for contest use.

Do not run the engine lean, or leave the plug connected while adjusting the needle-valve.

Use a fuel containing as low nitro as possible.

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$5.96 28% $1.67
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The deal is ON!

Boscam TX5813 5.8G 13dBm Wireless AV Transmitter Module with over 300m Transmitting Distance 18%


  The frequency is Band E (factory default), and we will help to change the band as long as the big order.


²  Transmitter frequency: 5705-5945MHZ (Band E); 8 channels

²  Transmitting power: 13dBm

²  Transmitting distance: further than 300 meters

²  Frequency control: built-in frequency and phase lock loop

²  Low harmonic radiation, comply with FCC and CE certification requirements

²  AV input: analog AV signal input

²  Power supply voltage: 5V

²  Supply current: 110mA



List price Discount You save
$10.17 18% $1.83
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The deal is ON!

New Design DIY Electric Metal Gear Pump for Smoke System (Whole Metal) 31%


²  The spare parts are 360class carbon brush with high efficiency motor and stainless steel gear, Pump is made by CNC machine.

²  We can use it as an oil pump and pulling smoke pump.

²  Service voltage:  4.8V-6.0V

²  Air Suction Height:  over 40cm

²  Weight:  100g

Kindly Remark:

1. Pump should not be idled continuouslyfor a long time; otherwise the gear and sealing parts will wear out.

2. The fuel pipe must be connected to fuel tank firstly, and then power on the pump to work.

List price Discount You save
$23.05 31% $7.06
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The deal is ON!

Hobbywing RC Model UBEC-8A Max 18A 5V 6V (2-3S) Switch-Mode DC-DC Regulator 20%



The 8A-UBEC is a switch-mode DC-DC regulator supplied with a 2-3
cells lithium battery pack and it outputs a consistent safe voltage for
your receiver, gyro and servos. It is very suitable for RC helicopter
(above 30 class) and big fixed-wing aircraft.

Compared with the linear mode UBEC, the overall efficiency of the
switch-mode BEC is much higher, so it can extend the working time
of the receiver battery pack, and because a switch mode UBEC can
significantly reduce the heat emission, it can avoid the loss of control
caused by the over-heat problem which is frequently happened with the
linear mode UBEC.


1  Specification
1.1 Output Voltage: 5V or 6V (Changeable with an output-voltage
     select switch )

1.2 Continuous output current: 8 Amps
1.3 Burst output current: 15 Amps
1.4 Input: 6V-12.6V (2) 
1.5 Quiescent current: 60mA
1.6 Size: 42mm*39mm*9mm (length*width*height)
1.7 Weight: 34g

  2   Features 2.1 Designed with an advanced switch mode DC-DC regulator IC. 2.2 The output current is very large. 2.3 With the output short-circuit protection function. 2.4 A metal shield covers almost all the electronic components, and a specially
      made filter is attached with the output wires to significantly reduce the electro-
      magnetic interference.
2.5 Automatically detects the number of the lithium battery pack (2 cells or 3 cells). 2.6 Shows the battery capacity with 4 indicators (LEDs).   2.7 Shows the working status with an indicator (LED), lights when the output is in
      normal range.
2.8 There are 2 output leads to reduce the resistance when connecting the UEBC
      to the receiver
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$17.36 20% $3.47
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The deal is ON!

New Special Muffler Canister Set for DLE55, DLE50, DLA56, DA50, EME55 40-85CC Gasoline/Petrol Engines 20%



1.    Compared with the old, the new Muffler Canister has the following features:

l  Medium and low speed, and Smoke removaling more smoothly

l  Good sound effects

l  More emulation of the sound

l  Fast response

l  The pipe are more softer, higher strength

l  Easier installation

2.    The product is similar to the Muffler Canister of KS&MTW in performance.


l  Suitable for 40-85CCEngines, such as DLE55, DLE50, DA50, GP50R DL55, EME55, EME60, DJ80, DJ85, DLA56, DLA58 etc. It can reduce noise when you fly the airplane.


The follow sizes are just for reference, ±1~2mm error range is allowed.








List price Discount You save
$79.00 20% $15.80
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The deal is ON!

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