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Dear sdshobby Customers,

We are very delighted to inform you that group buying sdshobby.com is back and finally is online from now on after a long time system upgrading.

Welcome to visit our website http://www.sdshobby.com,which will provide you thousands of R/C Hobby and Accessories at incredible prices. A quick look around our site will bring you a big surprise, so please keep your eyes on us.

Thanks for your long supporting and patience and apologize for any inconvenience caused before.

Best Regards,
Dear Customers,
We will continue working on improving our service in the future.
Thanks very much for supporting. Thanks!

Glow Plug Ignition with AC/DC Adaptor PRI 230-240V 50Hz 20%




²  This adaptor is suitable for AC/DC charging.    


List price Discount You save
$7.71 20% $1.54
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The deal is ON!

6Starhobby Round Aluminum Fuel Dot /Fuel Plug for Airplane- Black/ Blue/ Red Color (upgraded version from FP8019) 30%


²  Made of high rigidity aluminum alloy, the fuel filler with fuel dot can directly fill oil for the fuel tank without opening the canopy of boat and airplane.

²  Various colors are optional to satisfy different customers’ needs.


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$6.99 30% $2.10
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The deal is ON!

Amass AS150 7mm Gold-plating Anti Spark Connector/ Anti Arcing for HV High Power Battery (Red & Black) 25%
Product Description: ²  Φ7mm (Male Pin) Continuance Current 150A, Peak Current 200A ²  Patented Anti-Spark Design ²  Open side for easy soldering ²  Reusable Threaded end design, easy to insert/take off from protect case ²  Tightening ring on Female side to prevent losse after long time use ²  Super flame retardant nylon shell, stable and durable, flame will be put out when it leaves the fire. The Video of AS150 Anti Spark: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjEwMDM4OTQ4.html How to Use: 1. Soldering the connector after the cable pass through housing. 2. After soldering joint cool, screw connectors and housing. 3. Attention: insert the red anti spark connecto at last.  There are instructions on the back of the product package. Using Tips: The black wire is first, and then the red. After the male resistance head of red wire touches the female one, please insert the plug to the bottom.  
List price Discount You save
$5.99 25% $1.50
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The deal is ON!

A123 Li-Fe Battery 6.6V 2S1P 2300mAh 30C for Receiver 12%



²  Voltage:  6.6V

²  Capacity:  2300 mAh

²  Max Charging Current:  5C /11.5A

²  Max Continuous Discharging Current:  30C/69A

²  Max Burst Discharging Current:  60C /138A

²  Weight:  162g

²  Battery Size:  L71*H26.5*W52.5mm

²  Wire Length:  62mm/136mm






List price Discount You save
$16.81 12% $2.02
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2533 Bought

The deal is ON!

6Star Propeller Drill Jig/ Drill Guide with Screw for DLE30 DLE55 EME35 EME55 EME60 MLD35 DLA32 Gasoline Engines 40%

Material: Chrome plated, not easy to rust


This propeller drill jig is suitable for DLE30/35RA/40/50/55/55RA/60/61, MLD35/70, EME35/55/60, DA50/60, DLA32/56/58/64, EVO54/58, 3W50/55, MVVS58, TR-50HP, JC51 gasoline engines.


Kindly Remark:

The 6Star Propeller Drill Jig is upgraded fromDJ2010, but more economical and longer working life.

List price Discount You save
$8.99 40% $3.60
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The deal is ON!

6Star Standard Wooden Propeller/ Beech Propeller 20*8 20*10 20x8 20x10 for RC Gasoline/ Petrol Airplane 22%



²  Aperture: 10mm

²  Height of prop bottom: 22mm

²  Weight: 100g (20*8), 102g (20*10)

²  Recommended engine type: 35CC

List price Discount You save
$13.73 22% $3.02
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69 Bought

The deal is ON!

10Pcs*Heavy Duty 22# /22AWG Servo Twisted Wire 600mm 20%



²  Cable Type:  22AWG/ 22#

²  Cable Length:  600mm

²  Cores of Copper Wire:  60 cores

²  Diameter of Copper Wire:  0.08mm

²  Outer Diameter of Cable:  1.5mm


When the standard servo wire isn't long enough to satisfy your demand, you'll need these extension cables that come in a variety of sizes.

List price Discount You save
$6.24 20% $1.25
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725 Bought

The deal is ON!

XQ Power S1016D 2.9Kg/16g Micro Servo with Metal Gears & Ball Bearing 20%


l  Weight:  16g (0.56oz)

l  Dimension:  22.8 x 12.6 x 24.8mm

l  Speed:  0.13sec/60 degree(4.8V);  0.11sec/60 degree(6.0V)

l  Torque:  2.5kg/cm(4.8V); 2.9 kg/cm (6.0V)

l  Operating Voltage:  4.8V-6V

l  Rotation Angle:  110 degree (when 9002100 µ sec)

l  Motor Type:   Coreless Motor

l  Bearing Type:  Ball Bearings*1pcs

l  Gear Type:  Metal Gears






List price Discount You save
$16.10 20% $3.22
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0 Bought

The deal is ON!

Towerpro Servo SG5010 4.5kg/39g with 25T FUTABA Nylon Gears and Dual Ball Bearings 15%


²  Stall Torque: 3.1kg/cm at 4.8V, 4.5kg/cm at 6.0V

²  No Load Running Speed: 0.17sec/60° at 4.8V, 0.14sec/60°at 6.0V

²  Size (L*W*H): 40.2 *20.2*43.2mm

²  Weight: 39g/ 1.44oz (Servo Net Weight Only)

²  Bearing Qty.: 2

²  Gear/ Case Type: nylon/ plastic

²  Output shaft gear qty: 25TFUTABA

²  Interface Type: compatible with JR & Futaba interface

²  Storage Temperature: 0℃- 55℃

²  Dead band width: 20us

²  Operating Voltage: 4.8-6V

²  Servo Cable Length: 300mm

  Included Parts:

²  Standard Servo Arms: four

²  Installation Screws: one bag

²  Digital Servo: 1pcs



List price Discount You save
$6.78 15% $1.02
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The deal is ON!

Muffler/ Canister for DLE20 20cc Gasoline Engines 25%


²  Length of Silicone Tube:  62mm

²  Inner Diameter of Silicone Tube:  16mm


1. This muffler is applicable for DLE20 or other 20cc Gasoline Engines

2. Including 3pcs* ribbons, 1pc*CNC connector and 1pc* silicone tube


List price Discount You save
$8.48 25% $2.12
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58 Bought

The deal is ON!

6star CNC Aluminum Alloy Air Horn Inlet for DLE30/ DLE50/ DLE55/ Zenoah G80 and CRRC Gas Engine 22%


²  Material: aluminum alloy

²  Weight: 12g

²  Application Fields: can be used for DLE30, DLE50, DLE55, Zenoah G80 and any CRRC engines

²  Colors: blue, red (sent randomly)


This horn inlet will play an important role on commutating and focusing the air, also can be beneficial to the response and increasing roll speed for the engine.

List price Discount You save
$7.32 22% $1.61
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505 Bought

The deal is ON!

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