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Dear sdshobby Customers,

We are very delighted to inform you that group buying sdshobby.com is back and finally is online from now on after a long time system upgrading.

Welcome to visit our website http://www.sdshobby.com,which will provide you thousands of R/C Hobby and Accessories at incredible prices. A quick look around our site will bring you a big surprise, so please keep your eyes on us.

Thanks for your long supporting and patience and apologize for any inconvenience caused before.

Best Regards,
Dear Customers,
We will continue working on improving our service in the future.
Thanks very much for supporting. Thanks!

6star 1.75in/45mm Aluminum Alloy Spinner for DLE30/55, DA50/EVO54, MLD35/70 32%


CNC and Anodized processed.   Quick and easy installation:

1)    The bottom plate has drilled according to the size of DLE Engines.

2)    The top also has drilled according to the commonly used size of propeller.

3)    The screw is designed according to the size of DLE Engines.


²  Height:50mm

²  Diameter of Bottom Plate:1.75in/45mm

²  Aperture of Bottom Plate:10mm

²  Screw:M5*45mm(screw thread length:22mm)

²  Net Weight: 61g

²  There are black, red, blue and silver colors for choice.

Application Fields:

Suitable for DLE30/55, MLD35/70, DA50/ EV054 engines.



List price Discount You save
$9.44 32% $3.02
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The deal is ON!

6Star 3D Wooden Propeller/ Beech Propeller 22A 22B 22*8 22*10 22x8 22x10 for RC Gasoline/ Petrol Airplane 16%



²  Aperture:  10mm

²  Height of prop bottom:  25mm

²  Recommended engine type:  55CC


²  Made of beech propeller imported from France

²  CNC precisely processing, with good dynamic balance and stable high speed

²  The 3D propeller is designed for the 3D aerobatics flight.


There will be 0.1-0.2mm tolerance for the different measurement tool.

List price Discount You save
$23.58 16% $3.77
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The deal is ON!

Rcexl Single Ignition for NGK-BMR6A-14MM 90 Degree (A-02 4.8V~8.4V 622a) 16%


²  Working Voltage:  4.8V-8.4V

²  Plug Type:  Futaba Female (for Battery), Futaba Female (for Tachometer)

²  Net Weight (CDI):  120g

²  Suitable for Spark Plug:  BMR6A-14MM

Package Contents:

²  Hall Sensor Kits*1 set

²  CDI Ignition*1pcs

²  Contraction Duct*1pcs

²  Spark Plug Cap*1pcs (BMR6A-14MM 90 Degree)

List price Discount You save
$51.87 16% $8.30
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The deal is ON!

HIEE 7in FPV Monitor/ Built-in Lipo battery & 32CH 5.8G Receiver with Sun Shading Hood and Antenna 14%


l  Screen Size:7in

l  Screen style:TFT LCD screen

l  Physical resolution:800 x 480

l  Size:  178(W) x118(H) x25(T) mm

l  Brightness:400-450cd/ sq.m

l  Contrast:  500:1

l  View Angle:  70/ 70 degrees (Level), 50/ 70 degrees (Vertical)

l  Working Voltage:  DC 2S-6S(Circular plug, inner for positive & outside for negative)

l  Built-in lipo battery:  7.4V 1500MAH

l  Input power:  7.2W(DC 12V)

l  Power Consumption:  ≤2000MAH

l  Working temperature:  -10~+65 centigrade

l  Supporting 5.8G RF AV output and input

Main Features:

l  No blue screenin weak signal

l  400-450cd/sq.m high brightness

l  32CH, compatible to fat shark, Boscam 5.8G transmitter

l  Automaticallysweep to the strongest signal channel.

l  Built-in diversity management, which can automatically switch to the strongest received signal of two receiving and display it.

l  You can also push the button to adjust channels.

Accessories List:

l  Sun shading hood *1PC

l  Antenna * 1PC

List price Discount You save
$149.50 14% $20.93
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The deal is ON!

RC Model 3.5″(89mm) Carbon Fiber Bullet Spinner with Aluminum Back Plate 3K Surface Processing 20%


1. The price for slotted and unslotted spinners is the same. The spinner default has two slots.

2. If you want “unslotted”  spinner, please note in your order.


List price Discount You save
$24.83 20% $4.97
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97 Bought

The deal is ON!

ST550 Bumblebee Four-axis Flyer/Quadcopter ARF with Frame +Motor +ESC +Controller +Plastic Prop 20%

Performance Parameters:

²  Empty Frame Weight:   900g

²  Flying Weight:   1200g

²  Payload Capability:   200-500g

²  Maximum Gross Take-Off Weight:   1700g

²  Flight Time:   Over 10min

²  Wheelbase:   550mm

²  Height:   306mm

²  Length of After Fold:   784mm

²  Height of After Fold:   100mm

²  Carton Size (L*W*H):   415mm *230mm* 80mm

Including the Following Equipments:

²  Plastic Prop:   10*3.8(2pcs), 10*3.8P(2pcs)

²  2812 brushless motor, KV910, 4pcs

²  High Speed Brushless ESC:  20A, 4pcs

²  Bumblebee Frame*1pcs (Carbon Fiber Tripod)

²  Controller*1pcs

Recommended Equipments for Ready to Fly (need to buy separately):

²  Radio Control System:   transmitter 6 channels or more, receiver 6 channels or more

²  Battery:  11.1V 3S 2200-5500mAh Li-Po battery (Burst Discharge Capacity >20C)

Kindly Remark:

There are 6 different types for Bumblebee ST550 Quadcopter as follows:


List price Discount You save
$268.99 20% $53.80
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The deal is ON!

Electric Starter for DLE111 Gasoline Engine 16%


1. ONLY suitable for DLE111 engine

2. Suggest using 3542 brushless motor (about 900-1100KV) with 4mm motor shaft

3. Suggest using above 60A brushless ESC


List price Discount You save
$142.80 16% $22.85
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The deal is ON!

Arm for 26CC China Zenoah/ QJ Engine Length-A=23.5mm Dia=5mm 40%

List price Discount You save
$5.14 40% $2.06
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368 Bought

The deal is ON!

6Star Cooling Fin for Airplane Cowl 120×100×0.5mm for RC Airplane (big size) 27%

Application Fields:

Suitable for Yak54/55,su26/31 and the guests modified series of Gasoline Airplanes


List price Discount You save
$3.88 27% $1.05
  • Time Left To Buy

1794 Bought

The deal is ON!

6Star Propeller Drill Jig/ Drill Guide with Screw for DLE30 DLE55 EME35 EME55 EME60 MLD35 DLA32 Gasoline Engines 32%


This propeller drill jig is suitable for DLE30, DLE55, EME35, EME55, EME60, MLD35, DLA32 gasoline engines.

Kindly Remark:

The 6Star Propeller Drill Jig is upgraded from DJ2010, but more economical and longer working life.


List price Discount You save
$9.44 32% $3.02
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20 Bought

The deal is ON!

Hobbywing Seaking 180A Brushless ESC for Boat (Version3.0) with Water Cooling System 16%


²  "Seaking" series ESC Version3.0has water-cooling heat-sink and the whole ESC is waterproof.

²  Special designed for senior players and racing game.

²  Use top quality electronic components to enhance the current endurance ability of the ESC.

²  Special designed for RC boat, with excellent start-up, acceleration and linearity Features:

²  Multiple protection Features: Low voltage cutoff protection to prolong the battery life / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection. 


²  Cont. Current: 180A

²  Burst Current: 1080A

²  BEC Mode: switching

²  BEC Output: 6V/ 5A

²  Input: 6-18 cells Ni-MH or 2-6 cells Li-Po

²  Water Cooling Pipe: 5.4mm (external diameter)

²  Dimension: 72* 48* 36.6mm

²  Suitable Length of Boat: <130cm


List price Discount You save
$126.50 16% $20.24
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The deal is ON!

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