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Points & Rewards-Rules of Gaining Reward Points


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1. Get 100 reward points when registering at www.sdshobby.com .

2. Signup “newsletter”, getting 50 reward points.


3. Make a Qualifying Purchase (defined below) may earn rewards points equal to 100% of the Net Amount (defined below) paid for that purchase.

4.Gain 50 reward points for each approved review, (picture and video for each product which you purchased are more welcome!). Reward Points are rewarded once per review, per product, per customer. Reward points are activated after review approval.

5. Tag the product which you purchased, 20 reward points are rewarded per product. Limitation is 500 reward points per day.

6. Participating in poll, gaining 10 reward points. Limitation is 100 reward points per day.


7. Get 200 reward points when you have a birthday. Birthday date is according to the date you wrote on the site.

8. Gain 100 reward points after inviting a friend. Limitation is 1000 reward points per day.

9. Reward you for your referral’s Qualifying Purchase(defined below), both of you earn rewards points equal to 100% of the Net Amount (defined below) paid for that purchase. 

Qualifying Purchase means a purchase placed online of one or more products from this website that is paid in full.

Net Amount means the cash amount paid by the Member for the product(s) purchased in the Qualifying Purchase after applying discounts or other Rewards & Credit or deductions.


Notice : Reward points can’t be used to pay for the entire order.

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