How to Drop-Ship

1. What Is Drop-Ship?
     Drop-Ship is common among the Electronics retailing business. Drop-Ship means a reseller instruct their wholesale counterpart, who may be located in a duty free zone, to ship out orders according to the reseller and delivering directly to their customers. The reseller does not actually take the job of stocking, packaging and shipping.
     Wholesale on the other hand means buying products in bulks and get a discount from it, then retailing it one at a time to make a profit. This is the conventional way of retail business.
     With the internet kicking in around the world, Drop-Shipping does make sense after all. Most drop ship services only exist hand in hand with the internet so no one will know that you don’t keep an inventory on-hand.

2. How to Drop-Ship with SDSHOBBY.COM?
     SDSHOBBY.COM allows drop-ship orders for all registered customers.
     There are no additional charges.
     Just order online the same way as usual, but add different shipping addresses.
     We always check carefully (for fraud prevention) if the shipping address is different to the billing address, so if you are a new drop-shipping customer, please make sure that your PayPal account is verified.
     We do not include cec publicity materials / invoices etc when we send drop ship goods, so it protects your reputation as a seller. They will not know the source of your goods, and they will not know the price that you paid for it.
     If your customer has technical support issues, or wants to return a product, they will have to discuss this with you first because it’s your account with SDSHOBBY.COM.
     Please note that if there are import taxes to pay, you will have to pay this when you receive the goods from the courier. So if you're drop-shipping, your customers may 'unexpectedly’ have to pay 'extra charges'. 
     Please note it's your responsibility as the cec buyer / drop-ship vendor to find out information about taxes and inform your customers. Although of course we will do whatever we can to help you minimize the tax burden if you have special packing/ declaration instructions

3. SDSHOBBY.COM Drop-Shipping Guide
     SDSHOBBY.COM provides drop-shippers with the security, stock, and speed needed to run a successful business. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this easy how to drop-ship starter guide takes you step-by-step through the drop-shipping process at SDSHOBBY.COM.
     Drop-Shipping Main Steps:
     1). Register for Free
     2). Find Your Products
     3). Promote Online
     4). Give Your Orders to Us
     5). Track Your Orders
     1). Register for Free
     Registering as a drop-shipper at SDSHOBBY is completely free; all you need to start with is an email address.
     1) Click the Join Free link at the top on any page of SDSHOBBY.COM. You will be taken to the Login and Registration page.
     2) Just fill in the information as the register guidance directs.
     With your new SDSHOBBYDrop-Shipper Account you will be able to browse the site, add items to your Shopping Cart, get free help from our Customer Service staff, and have access to a massive and diverse inventory of fast-selling products. After creating your account, you will be taken to the Your Orders page, which will be empty. To fill it up, start browsing SDSHOBBY.COM.
     Special VIP Membership for Drop-Shippers
     Especially for retailers, wholesalers, and drop-shippers, we offer a VIP Business Membership which provides you with a dedicated account manager who will search out the best drop-ship deals for you, and inform you of any changes in pricing or stock.
     2). Find Your Products
     Browse the products by catalog or search products with key words on the searching box at top of any page. Then pick out the items you’re interested in.
     3). Promote Online
     Choose the items you want and add them to Cart. In the shopping cart you will find a list of all the items you've added and a subtotal. The item's name is also a link back to the detailed product page. To start promoting your chosen products on your own website, the next step is to contact our sales team for further assistance.
     - Send an email to with the Subject line as "Drop-Ship".
     - Include the product name(s) and Item Code in your main email. The Product Item Code can be found underneath the product title on the detailed product page.
     - Make a request for pictures of this item, and any other information you require.
     Our sales team will send you the product pictures to you straight away for you to use them on your own site. The product specifications and other details can be copied directly from the detailed product page on SDSHOBBY.COM.
     You may re-edit the descriptions and remodify the pictures if you like, and set your own prices, to make it different from ours.
     Please note that:
     SDSHOBBY.COM will not take any responsibility if your changes misrepresent the product and mislead your customers;
     If you are using someone else's site to host your online store (e.g. eBay) then please obey their terms and conditions, which may differ from SDSHOBBY.COM.
     4). Give Your Orders to Us
     If you got orders from you customers on your own site, you then place the orders on SDSHOBBY.COM for the same items with same quantity as your customer need.
     All the order-placing procedure is as usual, except one thing you need to pay close attention to:
     The Billing Address is your address and the Shipping address is your customer's address!
     5). Track Your Orders
     If you want to review or change something about the order you placed, you can do it in “My Account -> My Orders
     Note: Only when we receive full payment can we begin to process your order. Your order status should change from Pending to Processing within 48 hours after we receive payment. If your order status is still set to Pending more than 48 hours after you've paid for your order, please contact us.

4. Can I Copy Your Website Pages for My Reselling or Drop-Shipping Electronics Business?
     Generally SDSHOBBY.COM is open about sharing product pictures and descriptions, because we want to help our drop-shippers and other retail sellers in their online listings.
     Please don't copy an entire SDSHOBBY.COM webpage or design your webpage to imitate the appearance of SDSHOBBY.COM.
     Please read the following notes on copying / using of content from SDSHOBBY.COM:
     - You may use product pictures and product descriptions from SDSHOBBY.COM freely, provided they are used appropriately in the context of your reselling or affiliate activities.
     - Please don't copy or adapt customer testimonials or product reviews.
     - Please don't copy or adapt SDSHOBBY.COM Help page articles.
     - All material on SDSHOBBY.COM is copyrighted and we reserve the right to change our policy at a later date.
     If you feel you can give us suggestions to improve the product descriptions, we are always grateful to hear your feedback!
     Likewise, we are grateful if you improve product photographs and are willing to share them (in lower resolution formats) with SDSHOBBY.COM and our other members.

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